The David Carmon’s Educational Foundation “Highway Youth” was established on September 5th 2016. David Carmon the CEO, founder, and author, of his upcoming book “Pass Interference” who wrote the book to inspire students with a learning disability to achieve their literacy challenge. The book was also createdto help students, teachers, and parents to detect a learning disability early in a student and rectifythe problem.

David aspires to make sure all student and young adults have access, and the desire to be able to read, and enjoy it. Education gives us knowledge of the world around us, and changes it into something better. At the basic level education is a necessity because it paves the baseline skills to survive as adults in the world, which includes basic literacy, numeracy, and the ability to communicate with others. The basic thing that you can get from an education is knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the more chances you have for a better future.

Who we are?

The Educational Foundation will help boost confidence, reduce poverty, increase economics, growth, and income. It will also contribute to improving self-esteem, academics, leadership, independence, living a happy healthy life, and being up to date with technology. Get financial help from Unsecuredloans4u. In closing, the foundation is an exceptional resource that will honor scholarships around the world to help bridge the gap of students struggling with literacy and raise awareness. This foundation will work tiredly to help students stay in school and further their education, so they can become successful.

The Foundation

The foundation will host enormous of events during each calendar year to support the foundation. They will also seek donations to assure that the foundation is capable of having the monetary funds to grant to students. This is their way of giving back to the world. “If they can reach one, they can teach one”.

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